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The same favorites in dialog boxes, start menu, quick launch, popup menu, tray, Total Commander, shortcuts, middle click
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Svyatoslav Yudin
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9 January 2015

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For most professionals, it is an arduous task to locate data on their computers, given the amount of time it takes to browse to specific folders using the Windows explorer. The Finalbird 2.5.724 application is designed specifically to reduce your workload in accessing commonly used folders and create accessibility points so that your important data is available at a single click. Using an interface that mimics the quick launch feature of Windows XP, the application can be used to collate important programs and files under Favorite Folders and Favorite Program labels.

The Finalbird 2.5.724 application upon installation can be found in the system tray. Using either the mouse or access key you can launch the application interface which has the look and feel of a Windows XP quick launch. On it you would be able to find places for recent folders and documents along with Favorite programs too. To add a program to the favorite list, you just need to right click on it and choose the option Add to Finalbird. The specific program would now appear under the Favorite program group. Now if you are concerned about keeping such a software as it can reveal your history of activities, you can change the recent files and folder settings. The application is designed to work on all Windows iterations currently in use from XP onwards while its developer has already started the initial spade work for Windows 9. On the technical front the tool is rather light to use and has a compact setup size of just over five megabytes.

On account of its effectiveness in accessing important data in quick steps, the Finalbird 2.5.724 application is marked with a score of three stars. The programs developer does need to add more documentation and possibly a detailed help guide for the benefit of novice users.

Publisher's description

As effectively as possible open folders, files, programs, favorites and recent from everywhere you need!
Finalbird provide quick access to your favorite and recent folders, programs and files by 6 useful ways:
1) near of "open"/"save as" dialog boxes - list of favorite and recent folders
2) by middle click or keyboard shortcuts - popup-menu with all your favorites and recent
3) in compact quick launch panels of Finalbird - icons of favorite programs (with multiple grouping feature)
4) in Start menu of Finalbird - all favorite and recent + original Start Menu link + necessary features
5) in Total Commander - favorite and recent folders, opening through popup-menu (middle click or keyboard shortcuts)
6) in tray - one icon, providing access to popup-menu (left click) and settings (right click).
* The same favorites in every part of Finalbird.
* You can use the only features you'd like.
* You can easy add folders, programs or files to favorites through the context menu (by right mouse button) or by drag and drop.
Finalbird restore Start menu in Windows 8 and 8.1 or may change Start menu of Windows 7 and 10. The start menu of Finalbird tend to has the maximum clear and effectively structure with the most frequently using items.
Sections of start menu: favorite programs, favorite folders, recent files, recent folders, anything, original menu, computer, all programs, search and the necessary features.
Quick launch panels of Finalbird looks like quick launch of Windows XP, it works with Windows 7, 8, and 10, it's more compact, icons may be included in many subfolders, even in visible taskbar icons.
The program has code signing certificate.
Finalbird is already has been developed more than one year by 3 professional programmers and one designer, now it is stable and ready to use.
I hope, that by making access to folder, programs and files more quickly, your work became more effectively and comfortable!
Version 2.5.724
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